Maid to Please – Ass Worship

November 2nd, 2011 by Cheyenne

Maid 2 Please Mistress Laurie has trained there sissy maid slave well. Her sissy helps her get dressed for her night on the town, paining her toe nails and blowing them dry. Laurie uses the sissy’s face as a stool as she applies make up. She reminds the sissy that he is in chastity lock down and that she’ll be taking the key with her for the night. When Laurie returns she has a present for her sissy cuck: a cum filled condomn. She pours it on the sissy cuck’s face and demands that it lick it all up. Laurie enjoys toying with her sissy slave.

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Her Majesty’s Ass Licker

March 26th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Mistress Allison
Mistress Allison has high expectations of her ass worshiping slaves. Goddess Brianna brings in a stable slave that she has been training for body worship. For extra measure, Brianna has a ball shocker fitted around the slave’s balls. The male bitch is made to lick and clean Allison’s beautiful ass. Brianna canes the slut and shocks his balls. The ladies enjoy tormenting the male bitch as he struggles to lick Allison’s ass to perfect.

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Ass Sucking Slut – Ass Worship

March 4th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Goddess Hailey
Goddess Hailey puts her male bitch on his knees and tells him to keep his nose in her ass. She leads the bitch across the floor by a leash. Today, this slut is going to learn to love her ass. Hailey demands the slut stick his tongue in her ass. She tells him just how to move it in her sweet hole. She will not let this bitch stop until she is fully satisfied. “Do you like the smell?” Hailey asks, laughing as she shoves the bitch’s face further into her ass. Hailey rides the bitch’s tongue until she cums. Before she puts her slave away for the night she informs him that he’ll be licking her ass to orgasm every day for the rest of his life.

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Clean Her Perfect Ass

January 13th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress MeganMistress Megan has her slut on his knees with an electronic shocking device around his balls. Megan wants her ass clean. She is very particular about how her ass is to be worshiped. Megan instructs the slut to smell her ass first and then slowly put his tongue all the way in her ass. When the slut doesn’t follow her instructions perfectly, she shocks his balls. Megan loves having her ass worship. She puts the slut on his back and rides his tongue until she gets off.

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