Breaking Balls 1

April 15th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Mistress Varla and Aurora
Mistress Varla and Aurora are disgusted with their slut’s balls. They tie him in an upright spread eagle position and decide to break them with a series of rapid fire kicks. They ladies laugh as the slut’s knees buckle with every blow to his worthless nuts.

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Helpless Balls 2 – Ball Busting

March 23rd, 2011 by Cheyenne

Kendra James
Kendra James is disgusted with her slave’s balls. She straps him into a bondage chair and begins nailing his worthless nuts. She kicks the slut in the balls until he loses his breath. Then she smacks him in the face and tells him that he should be grateful.

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Balls for Beating – Ball Busting

February 28th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Mistress Candance
Mistress Candance enjoys her slave’s fear and suffering. She has one of male bitch’s bound and gagged in a remote torture chamber. Candance lays into the slut’s balls, cropping them as the slut trembles and moans. She loves how helpless and frightened the slut is. She beats his balls until his knees buckles and he can barely stand. Then she grabs the slut’s balls and cocks and twists them like a pretzel.

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Melon Balls

February 17th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Mistress Lexi and Goddess Deanna
Goddess Lexi and Mistress Deanna take one of their slut’s balls in each hand and examine them. The ladies smile. They are going to destroy this slut’s balls. The ladies lay into to the bound slut with full on kicks and knees, laughing as the bitch cries. The bitch’s balls swell to the size of a melon. Lexi and Deanna love it. They keep right busting this slut’s aching and purple nuts.

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By his Aching Balls – Ball Busting

February 7th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Jean Bardot and Simone Kross
Jean Bardot and Simone Kross are in a particularly sadistic mood. They have a male bitch strung up by his balls. The ladies whip his balls with single tails, smiling all the while. Jean and Simone are glowing as they enjoy this slut’s balls. When they have had their fill they lead the slut back to the barracks.

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Nothing Left – Ball Busting

February 6th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Jean Bardot and Simone Kross
Jean Bardot and Simone Kross are fed up with her slave lying to them. Jean is going to punch his balls for every lie the slut has told. She starts punching him in the nuts full force. The slut can’t take it and starts screaming. Jean just keeps on punching. Simone looks concerned as Jean wails on the slave. Simone puts her hands on Jean’s shoulders and convinces her to stop. Just as the slave breaths a sight of relief thinking Simone has just saved. Instead, Simone jumps on the slut’s balls and devilish looks comes over her face. “Save some for me!” She says and starts wailing on his swollen and aching nuts.

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Brianna LOVES Ballbusting – Ball Busting

January 29th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Goddess Brianna
Goddess Brianna loves ball busting. She is introducing her friend, Bella, to the joys of destroying a man’s nuts. Brianna punches, kicks, knees and elbows the slut’s balls. Then she offers his aching and swollen nuts to Bella. Every woman should have a ball busting bitch.

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Beat the Bitch’s Balls – Ball Busting

January 27th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Goddess Brianna
Goddess Brianna leads her male bitch in by his balls. She has her slut’s balls locked into a humbler and a crop in her hand. The bitch is trembling. Brianna laughs, enjoying the slut’s fear. She then proceeds to destroy the slut’s balls. Brianna has no mercy. She is having too much fun to stop beating the slut’s balls until she has had her fill.

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Slutty Balls get Busted

January 23rd, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress Skyler
Skyler has her slut laid out on the floor. She intends to play a game with the slut by giving him a slow teasing handjob, pulling the cum right of of his balls and then giving him a pop or two in the nuts as he is cumming. The male bitch has no control over his balls. 5 strokes in and he cums. The camera misses the cum shot, Sklyer can’t even believe what slutty balls this bitch has. She starts punching his balls. The bitch can’t take it and beings to whine. Skyler is not finished. She stands him up and knees his hard. She kicks the cowardly slut in his empty worthless balls.

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BAM There Go His Nuts

January 14th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress HaileyHailey is playing tennis when she notices a man watching her with a stiffy. This annoys Hailey to no end. She approaches the man and asks him to take down his pants. Then BAM! She nails him in the nuts HARD. Not once but over and over again. When the slut falls down, Hailey hauls him off to the yard and keeps right on busting his worthless nuts with full force kicks. The more agony the bitch is in, the harder Hailey kicks his balls. She doesn’t stop until the bitch is curled up in a fetal position at her feet. Even then, Hailey can’t help herself. She gives the slut’s swollen balls one more incrediablly hard kick.

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