Little Dick Eats Cum

January 22nd, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress eve
Slave little dick ordered a mail order bride. He thought that maybe he could over come his inadequacy with a sweet woman who didn’t know any better. However, it didn’t take long for his bride to discover his stash of FemDom magazines and educate herself. In addition to embracing the FemDom lifestyle she is outraged that her husband tried to pull a such a scam. She painstakingly compares his tiny cocklett to two huge cocks. She is amazed that he thought she’d never notice. After all, his dicklet is the size of her pinky finger. To drive her point home, she jerks off one of the big cocks into her hand and demands that slave little dick lick up the cum.

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Face Fucked Ass Whore

January 21st, 2011 by Cheyenne

Goddess Hailey and Mistress Ashley
Goddess Hailey and Mistress Ashley are in the mood for a little fun. They have a dildo strapped to their slut’s face a ball shocker around his nuts and a 12 inch cock attatched to Ashely’s strap on harness. Ashley shows the slut the huge cock she is going to fuck him with. Hailey shocks his balls and laughs. Ashely and Hailey are going to use this slut like sailors. When Hailey has had several hard orgasms she gets off the slut’s face. She is fired up from the excitement. She demands that the slut beg her to shock his balls even more. Ashely keeps plowing the slut’s fuck hole.

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Pussy Slave gets Shocked

January 20th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Mistress Megan
Mistress Megan is a horny women. She expects her personal bitch to satisfy her every him. She has the slut fitted with a dildo face harness and an electronic shocker around his balls. Megan face fucks the bitch as she fries his balls. The closer Megan gets to cumming, the more she shocks the slut’s nuts. When Megan is fully satisfied she rubs the cum covered dildo all over the slut’s face and turns up the volume the on the ball shocker just for kicks.

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Slap Down the Bitch

January 19th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Ashely and Hailey
Ashely and Hailey are fed up with their back talking slut. Ashley grabs the bitch by his neck and bitch slaps him right across the face. She continues slapping the slut until his face is beet red. Then Hailey spins the slut and lays with continues slapping the bitch. Then the ladies throw the slut to the floor and keep right on slapping the slut’s red and swollen face. This bitch will learn one way or another.

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Obedience through the Cane

January 18th, 2011 by Cheyenne

Ashley and Goddess Hailey
Mistress Ashley and Goddess Hailey have brought a out a bitch from the slave quarters. “Male bitches only learn through caning.” Ashely remarks as she fires off a round of cane strokes. Hailey smiles and then takes her turn. The ladies cane the bitch until his body is trembling and tears are running down his face. Then they cane the male bitch even more before sending him back to the barracks for the night.

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Muddy Foot Bitch for Goddess

January 17th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress Brianna
Goddess Brianna has caught a slave following her in the woods and looking at her feet. Brianna orders him to the ground and tells him to lick clean the feet he followed around. The slave cleans her toes and feet, only to see Brianna wipe them in the mud again and demand him to clean them again. Brianna makes him clean them until she is done with him.

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Cock Loving Ass Whore

January 16th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress Hailey
Goddess Hailey pumps her bitch full of cock. She smiles as she drives 12 inches into the slut’s fuck hole. She grabs the slut by his nipple clamps and rides him hard. When she has had her fun with this bitch she puts him on his knees and demands that he lick the cock she just fucked him with clean. Hailey smacks the slut in the face her huge cock and then shoves it down his throat. Hailey loves humbling her male bitches by fucking them in the ass.

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The Boots that Own You

January 15th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress brianna
Goddess Brianna is amused with the control her boots have over her stable slave. She can control everything about him by a click of heel on the floor. Brianna puts her boot whore on his knees and demands that he worship her boots. She laughs when the boot whore’s cock gets hard. She so owns this slut. Brianna tells the boot whore to hump her boot. She wants to watch him have sex with her boots. She laughs as the boot slut spills his male filth all over boots. Then she grabs him by the back of his head and demands that he lick up his mess.

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BAM There Go His Nuts

January 14th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress HaileyHailey is playing tennis when she notices a man watching her with a stiffy. This annoys Hailey to no end. She approaches the man and asks him to take down his pants. Then BAM! She nails him in the nuts HARD. Not once but over and over again. When the slut falls down, Hailey hauls him off to the yard and keeps right on busting his worthless nuts with full force kicks. The more agony the bitch is in, the harder Hailey kicks his balls. She doesn’t stop until the bitch is curled up in a fetal position at her feet. Even then, Hailey can’t help herself. She gives the slut’s swollen balls one more incrediablly hard kick.

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Clean Her Perfect Ass

January 13th, 2011 by Cheyenne

mistress MeganMistress Megan has her slut on his knees with an electronic shocking device around his balls. Megan wants her ass clean. She is very particular about how her ass is to be worshiped. Megan instructs the slut to smell her ass first and then slowly put his tongue all the way in her ass. When the slut doesn’t follow her instructions perfectly, she shocks his balls. Megan loves having her ass worship. She puts the slut on his back and rides his tongue until she gets off.

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